Expertise in Processes, Systems, and Proprietary Technologies Supports Successful Projects.

Clients depend on Fluor to address their business needs and help them increase capital efficiencies. Fluor's experts work across diverse client markets to offer cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet clients' capital project requirements. Fluor understands the complexities of today's competitive markets and, together with clients, designs optimal solutions to bring their quality capital projects to market safely, on schedule and within budget.

Fluor Project Experience and Expertise

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Fluor Processes and Systems Expertise

  • Clients look to Fluor as a comprehensive services provider to deliver the most complex and challenging projects, anywhere in the world. Fluor's service offerings span the entire capital project life cycle: engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up, and project management.
  • Fluor's award-winning knowledge management system, Knowledge OnLineSM, is accessible 24/7 to Fluor's 44,000 global employees, allowing collective expertise to be shared and applied across the company.
  • Fluor's suite of comprehensive project execution tools, MasterPlant®, is used by global project teams, ensuring consistency and quality in the delivery of projects.

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Fluor Proprietary Technology Expertise

  • In addition, Fluor is also an investor in NuScale Power, a small modular reactor technology company developing and commercializing safer, modular, scalable, economic solutions for off-the-grid nuclear power applications.

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