Accelerating Commercialization of Disruptive Technology

In the innovation ecosystem, the viability, speed-to-market and implementation of emerging technologies are top considerations along the journey to commercialization.

Through Fluor's business incubation platform, clients and partners engage with the company's global network of cross-industry experts. Fluor offers more than a century of experience in nurturing emerging technologies and accelerating commercialization.

Fluor’s business incubation platform provides:

  • Scale-up and Scale-out Pathways: Technologists, fellows and highly skilled process engineers produce advanced modeling, techno-economic evaluations and guidance on commercialization and deployment options.
  • Early Design Development: Fluor's early EPC engagement brings value to technology innovators / start-ups, owners / operators, funding channels and academia by accelerating the pathway to commercialization with credibility and know-how.
  • Commercialization Experience: With 1,200 active patents and 15 licensed technologies, Fluor is both an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and a licensor. Thus, Fluor offers a unique perspective by applying its EPC experience to commercializing industry-defining, first-of-a-kind (FOAK) technology.

Fluor's business incubation platform helps partners to analyze their solutions comprehensively, including:

  • Techno-economic analysis and scalability
  • Design optimization and case configuration
  • Balance of plant and total system integration
  • Supply chain and commercial strategies
  • Estimating and project planning
  • Constructability and fabricability
  • Maintainability and operability

Business Incubation in Action

Carbon to Value Initiative

Fluor has entered its second year with the Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative, a collaboration between Urban Future Lab at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, Greentown Labs and Fraunhofer USA that is supported by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA). The multi-year C2V initiative leverages corporate involvement and incubation services to drive the acceleration of carbontech innovations that capture and convert CO2 into valuable end products or services.

C2V strategically aligns with Fluor's efforts to decarbonize, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive sustainability. Working with carbontech startups creates an environment to foster accelerated development of new technologies and support innovative business models in a rapidly growing industry as the world seeks to decarbonize.

Fluor has stepped forward as C2V's cohort champion in 2022 while also continuing its role on the Carbontech Leadership Council.

Greentown Labs

"As a member of the Carbontech Leadership Council, Fluor's myriad contributions during Year 1 of the program have included actively working with the majority of the cohort startups and the announcement of a partnership with CarbonFree. We are appreciative of the deep engagement of Fluor in the C2V program, which serves as a model and highlights the critical role of collaboration—and partnership—in building a carbontech ecosystem."

Emily Reichert, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer


"We are thrilled to be working with Fluor to help us deliver on our commitment to improving the environment. While large multinational corporates have made big commitments to carbon reduction, Fluor has shown us how serious they are by working with smaller, earlier-stage companies like Carbonfree. Their business incubation platform has helped us structure a collaboration model and execution approach that simply makes sense."

Joe Jones
Chief Technology Officer

Sierra Energy

"Fluor’s business incubation platform enabled us to structure agreements within our budget constraints with tailored deliverables to position us strongly in our next steps towards commercialization. The relationship was very collaborative and responsive to our needs while still benefiting from deep functional expertise that could be called upon as required. Addressing the growing challenges of waste, energy and fuels in a sustainable and zero-carbon manner will require new business models and engineering approaches. Working with Fluor allowed us to accelerate our pace of innovation and commercialization."

Johan van Walsem
Chief Operating Officer

Quality Stone

"For the last four years, Quality Stone has been working to create a profit center from our byproduct generated through the fabrication of stone. The most daunting task was the design/engineering of the process and answering the questions of how and where to begin. Despite its size, Fluor has walked at our pace, allowing us to grow and develop in a new disruptive environment. Fluor’s business incubation platform has enabled Quality Stone to bring an idea to a tangible solution with endless possibilities."

Todd Denton
Managing Partner, President

TO Ventures

"For carbon to be captured or offset using innovative new technologies, startups need to get to scale and deploy multiple facilities globally. Without an EPC to help them to do that, they are wonderful thought experiments on what could happen someday, one day. Fluor makes someday a viable project and puts a genuine launch date on one day."

Kaitlyn Tregenza
Senior Partner