Fluor Provides Innovative Solutions to Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance Services.

Since 1994, Fluor has delivered over $30 billion in transportation assets via design/build and public-private partnership (P3) projects.

As part of Fluor’s life-cycle care, we have developed specific operations and maintenance (O&M) platforms for transportation clients. To date, over $20 billion of P3 projects include long-term O&M scope of work.

Fluor O&M services offers clients a single, proven source for their annual and rehabilitation O&M needs.

Fluor’s complete suite of O&M services, systems and training are designed to protect and maximize the service life of our clients’ assets, to optimize the return on our clients’ capital investments. This is accomplished through:

  • Developer/concessionaire for P3 design, build, finance, operation and maintain (DBFOM) delivery
  • Life-cycle asset management
  • Performance-based routine and preventive maintenance
  • Program management
  • Operations center management
  • Facility management
  • Operations

Fluor integrates O&M services throughout the project life cycle, whether provided as stand-alone services or part of a suite of services supporting project delivery and operation, including developing O&M and asset management requirements in the initial proposal, and performing maintainability reviews during the project execution.

Fluor's asset management expertise has been contracted on a wide range of projects including: