Fluor Provides Design-Build and Project Management Services for Rail and Transit Projects.

Fluor is an industry leader in delivering large, complex rail projects. Our core competencies include design management, construction, operations and maintenance, supported by work processes and state-of-the-art tools specific to the industry. We have the capacity to take full responsibility for project execution from planning through construction to operations. Fluor places particular emphasis on bringing innovative approaches to project delivery and on identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing project risks. Our experience has ranged from program management of rail infrastructure upgrades and improvements in Great Britain to rail construction and maintenance in Australia to innovative modular approaches to rail construction in the United States.

Fluor delivers public infrastructure systems – implementing transportation projects that offer faster schedules, lower life-cycle costs and considerably less risk to the public sector. We understand the challenge that modern high speed rail systems demand from partners and contractors.

In addition, for nearly 50 years, Fluor has installed, upgraded and maintained heavy tonnage rail systems. Fluor's in depth heavy tonnage rail experience includes:

  • Access roads
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Heavy haulage tracks
  • Level crossings
  • Mainline and spurs, including car dumping and train loading facilities
  • Siding and passing loops
  • Tunnels