Solar, Wind Turbine & Geothermal Power Plant Design & Construction

Fluor is at the forefront of commercializing renewable energy, servicing the solar, wind and geothermal power markets.

We offer a full range of services to bring renewable projects from conceptual design to final completion, with renewable energy project development experience including:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Plant Technology Integration
  • Program Management
  • Commissioning Services


Fluor's solar experience dates back to the 1980s, providing EPC services for the world's first commercial photovoltaic power plant in Carrisa Plains, California. Today, Fluor is at the forefront of commercializing renewable energy and helping bring solar-generated electricity to the grid. We offer a full range of EPC solutions to bring utility-scale solar projects from conceptual design to final completion.


Fluor develops, designs and builds wind farm projects. We are able to provide wind turbines, heavy steel structures and other critical supply chain elements to complex onshore and offshore wind farm locations. Fluor can also assist clients in securing connections to the appropriate power grids.


Fluor's geothermal experience dates back more than 20 years and includes projects in the United States and Indonesia. Our experts understand the complexities involved with channeling this renewable energy from beneath the Earth's surface.

Energy Storage

Clients seeking energy storage solutions come to Fluor to provide thermal, battery, compressed air and pumped hydro storage services. We have the experience to construct new and update existing facilities to stabilize the transient nature of solar and wind projects, as well as provide valuable peaking capacity during times of energy demand.


Fluor provides customized solutions to assist power plant owners with turnkey solutions in the hydroelectric market, including services for water and wastewater distribution, reclamation and treatment. These water resources solutions are simple, safe, secure, sustainable and smart.