Onshore and Offshore Modular Construction

Clients look to Fluor for modular construction solutions when building onshore and offshore facilities. These types of projects are often in challenging locations and require innovative execution approaches. That is where Fluor comes in.

Fluor fabricates and assembles major onshore plant modules, offshore marine decks, and barges. Fluor has executed over 250 module projects globally. Onshore modules can reach up to 10,000 tons and are ever increasing. Offshore (platforms, FPSOs, subsea) marine deck/module sizes have reached up to 58,000 tons. The COOEC-Fluor fabrication yard near Shanghai, China had a planned capacity of up to 380,000 metric tons as of 2019. There is no limit to fabrication sizes, as loadout can use roll-on/roll-off methods on extremely large units.

In breaking new ground in modular construction, Fluor has developed sophisticated methods of identifying modules, developing module specification packages, auditing fabricators' design, conducting inspections and planning and coordinating transportation and installation of the modules at the project site.

Fluor’s execution personnel understand the prevalent execution strategy in today’s market requires:

  • Global modular execution capacity
  • Modular estimating systems and benchmarks
  • Ongoing global assessment of fabrication yards
  • Adaptation tools such as MaterialManager®, InVision®, and Optimeyes®

Fluor leverages our global procurement and construction resources to gain cost and schedule advantages for clients.

Fluor maintains key supplier agreements with modular fabrication yards around the world to provide flexibility and cost advantages to client projects.

Our experts can evaluate your project to see if modular construction is the right approach.

Learn more specifics about modular construction and rigging techniques.