Cementing Fluor's Commitment to Reduce Emissions in Our Supply Chain

Fluor is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we are tackling it head on by collaborating with our suppliers on the sustainable production of cement.

Cement, a key material used in construction projects, produces roughly eight percent of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2), according to a Chatham House report. Fluor is intersecting our supply chain environmental impact efforts with our carbon capture technology, Econamine FG Plus℠, to address CO2 emissions in cement production. We have designed a portable carbon capture unit that can quickly demonstrate to cement producers that our carbon capture solution is effective, reliable and efficient.

And we aren't stopping there. We are also working with innovative technology companies that use CO2 as a feedstock to create a circular economy, known as carbon to value. Participating in the Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative as a Carbontech Leadership Council member enables Fluor to help guide, support and even co-develop disruptive technologies. The goal is to drive a fully integrated supply chain insetting solution to alleviate reliance upon conventional offsetting.